• Sound/loyal/merchantable quality.
  • Origin: Ukrainian, Serbian, EU.
  • Terms of delivery: CPT, FOB, CFR, C&F (bulk or container)
  • Pesticides, herbicides, toxins and heavy metals as per latest EU regulation.

Goods to be free from alive weevils and insects, free from foreign and bad smell, with a natural odour and color.

Quality / Toxins / Pesticides / Herbicides / Heavy metals / Non-Radiation / Non-GMO certificates

Sampling and analysis as per GAFTA Rules 124.

GMO is not allowed. Quarantine objects (incl. ambrosia, fusarioz etc.) not allowed.

Quality and quantity

Moisture max 14.5%

Foreign matter max 2%

Broken kernels (4.5mm sieve) max 5%

Damaged kernels max 5%

Out of which heat damaged max 2%

Alfatoxin max 10ppb

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