State reg.: 39806334

Address: Ukraine 67900, Odesa Region, Podilsky District, the town of Okny, Complex of Buildings and Structures, Building # 1


Director: Oleksandr V. Sukhoruchenko

Tel: +38 099 476 77 18

Ref. to Licence:

The organic waste and silage processing complex is designed for converting corn silage and cattle manure into biogas and biofertilizers, with subsequent utilization of biogas for generating electric and thermal energy.
The installed capacity of the first phase is 1.2 MW, and the total capacity of the entire project is 4.8 MW.

The main structures of the biogas station include:

Fermenter: a tank where the primary processes of biological conversion of organic substances into biogas occur.

Digestate tank: a tank where residual processes of biological conversion of organic substances take place.

Separation: dividing the mass that has undergone fermentation into solid and liquid fractions.

Fermentation residue/filtrate tank: serves to receive the fermented fraction and filtrate after separation. The filtrate compartment also serves to receive cattle manure and subsequently pump it into the fermenter.

Gas treatment: equipment ensuring the preparation of the gas mixture before burning in cogenerators.

Cogeneration: modular systems for burning biogas and producing electric and thermal energy.

Cattle manure is supplied to the filtrate tank, while silage is loaded by a silage loader into the fermenter. In the filtrate compartment, cattle manure is mixed with the filtrate.

The prepared substrate (cattle manure and filtrate) is pumped into the fermenter through a shredder. Corn silage is loaded using a silage loader.
The organic substrate solution in the fermenter is heated to a temperature of +48°C and undergoes anaerobic digestion with regular stirring.

Biogas from the fermenter is collected in a gas holder and then fed to the cogeneration unit. Biogas is burned in the internal combustion engine of the cogeneration unit. The engine drives an alternator that generates electricity and thermal energy.

The separated organic substrate is divided into solid (digestate) and liquid (filtrate) fractions. The liquid fraction is used for diluting the initial raw material. The solid fraction is used as fertilizer.

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